by Sophie Ireland

We’re well into 2022 now, which means there’s been plenty of time for emerging trends to develop. Businesses are recovering from a turbulent 20/21, and now we move into a new era of business. One that’s better connected to the world through emerging technology trends improves employee productivity, and starts to mold towards new office management styles inclusive of everyone. Read on to learn about the top office trends for 2022.

Working From Home

The pandemic led businesses to analyze every part of the organization, from supply chains to office management. Working from home (WFH) promptly became essential as infection rates grew. Incidentally, around 16% of companies worldwide are now entirely remote, and a large percentage of businesses have adopted a hybrid office model – a model that allows employees to remotely and travel to the office. However, according to one study, 77% of workers feel more productive when working from home.

Working From Home

Technology like Zoom, interactive meeting rooms and the soon-to-be Metaverse have propelled WFH into an efficient, productive, and most importantly, comfortable way of working.

Solo Office Spaces

Hybrid working models are part of the work from home trend – and so are solo office spaces. Some employees may be reluctant to work in large numbers for health and productivity reasons. If 77% of workers feel more productive when working from home, it makes sense that solo office spaces would help employees feel focused.

Solo Office Space

For that reason, there’s been a steady rise in the number of acoustic working pods that shut out the rest of the world or larger booths for multiple bubbles of people to work from.

Better Connectivity 

Again, the work-from-home order forced businesses to adapt to remote working and the troubles that might bring. The Metaverse was mentioned earlier – a virtual universe deemed the future of business operations, particularly the office environments and meetings. Bill Gates even said that two-thirds of meetings will be held in the Metaverse by 2023.

Virtual Office Space

We already saw signs of the Metaverse and virtual office spaces in 2021, but it’s predicted to expand to entire virtual businesses in the next few years. Virtual plots of land are already selling for millions.

Neurodiverse Workspaces

Neurodiverse workspaces are the future of inclusive working environments. There is more pressure on businesses – big brands, in particular – to be more inclusive of workers with autism, ADHD, and other sensory issues. Some companies are exploring the option of a sliding scale office space – meaning companies offer a range of different working environments within one office space.

Neurodiverse Workspace

Some employees might need to be in a quiet room with sensory lights to help with stress. Some employees might need an open space with bright lights to focus. Focusing on the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of a team of employees is essential in 2022.

2022 should be one of the best years for business. Supply chains are recovering, demand is rising, and there’s a massive potential to grow as a brand. Mastering the office environment and making it a desirable one to work in will help push brand growth in the right direction.